Southern Grown Marketplace & Southeastern Wildlife Exposition

Spend the day at the Southern Grown Marketplace & Southeastern Wildlife Exposition (SEWE) right at Sea Island. Celebrate wildlife and nature through fine art, education, sport and of course, food & drink. Take a stroll and peruse dozens of unique Southern artisans and purveyors. Don’t miss the demos! From the food world comes well-renowned Chef Linton Hopkins who will captivate the culinary-inclined folks. Spirits abound with Mixology demos from award-winning bartenders. And from the sporting world, comes an exciting falconry experience, an exhibition by Broadfield Bird Dog Trainer Wes Schlosser, and tips and tricks from Broadfield Garden Manager Sean Rakoczy.

Saturday, September 2 Live Demo Schedule

10:00amWes Schlosser and his Bird Dogs
10:30amBroadfield Gardner Sean Rakoczy  
11:00amFalconry Experience
11:30amMixology Demo with Nic Wallace and Jessica Zigman
12:00pmCooking Demo with Chef Linton Hopkins
12:30pmAncesserie Letterpress
1:00pmAlison Brynn Ross Wire Taxidermy
1:30pmMillie Gosch Fine Art
2:00pmNorton & Hodges
2:30pmTom Beckbe 

  • Airtight Artwork
    Influenced by natural elements, Airtight Artwork's art is a reflection of the environment in which they live.
    Using organic and recycled materials- bone, driftwood, scrap metal, etc., my sculptures depict continuous life cycles that consciously and unconsciously permeate our awareness. The upcycled work I create is a testimony to the belief of conserving and appreciating our resources, so that the environment in which we live will continue to be an environment in which we desire to live. My goal as an artist is to make artwork unlike art people have seen, while at the same time recognizable in the identity of everyday materials. I only hope the sculptures will inspire others to appreciate the simple, neglected items from which my creations are born.
  • Blaise Lareau Carvings
    Blaise has been carving birds of the South for 35 years. Self-taught, he carves the birds of the coast that he has always loved.
    Egrets and Herons are favorites, due their simplistic beauty and elegance. Bitterns, pelicans, crows, egrets, and all the smaller shore birds have been carved.
  • Christina Jervey Jewelry
    Christina Jervey is a low country metalsmith whose unique style is shown in each of her works.  Intrigued by organic, imperfect beauty, she uses ancient metalsmithing techniques to create timeless treasures.
    Drawing inspiration from nature, Christina works in brass, sterling silver, and 14k gold. Christina studied metalsmithing at Penland School of Craft and The New Approach School for Jewelers. Her work has received national acclaim and has been featured in publications including Garden and Gun, Southern Living, InStyle, Redbook, Lucky, and more. She is currently working a line of fine jewelry and continues to focus on custom designs and one of kind work.
  • Grady Ervin
    Classic clothiers to gentlemen.
  • Ken Wallin
    Ken has been painting his life visions for over 35 years in his studio on St. Simons Island, Georgia.
    Inspirations come from his sketches and small studies during his travels through out the world. Impressionism and abstraction are signatures of his style with dynamic use of brush and palette knife.
  • Millie Gosch Fine Art
    Millie Gosch loves to paint from life and to be outdoors, so naturally painting en plein air is a good fit for her art.
    During the spring and fall, She spend a lot of time painting field studies. From those studies, She paint larger pieces in the studio. She doesn't use photographs at all. She paints what she knows, and what She loves is nature. Her favorite subjects are big open fields, sunrises, sunsets, trees, the lowcountry, and the southland.
  • Sean Rakoczy
    A Georgia native whose love of food and community drove her to get her degree in Nutrition and Food Science from Georgia Southern University.
    After graduating, she took up a farming internship at Walker Organic farms in Sylvania, Georgia and was taught biodynamic and organic farming practices. From Sylvania she moved down to the small coastal town of Darien, where she lived and tended to a small farm which sold to local produce stands and restaurants. Sean later, joined the Sea Island team this past November as the Broadfield Garden Manager. Creating a steady rhythm of seasonal vegetables while implementing her organic and biodynamic practices. You can find many of her vegetables on Sea Island restaurant menus today, giving Sea Island members a true taste of farm to table cuisine.
  • Thomas Brooks
    Nationally acclaimed wildlife artist and the 2009 SEWE Featured Artist, Thomas Brooks returns for his 12th year.
    His honors and accomplishments, while too vast to name, range from repeat winner of the Florida Wild Turkey Conservation Stamp Competition and Florida NWTF artist of the year to being commissioned to create an ornament for the White House Christmas Tree. Brooks is a self taught artist who composes his work in such a way as to portray the inner essence of the subject.
  • Alison Brynn Ross Illustration & Design
    From her studio in Charleston, South Carolina, Allison Brynn Ross creates wire taxidermy, a study of the quirkiness of nature and line in three dimensions.
    Every piece is twisted with only the simplest tools, and without the use of heat or solder. Working with local companies to reduce waste, all of the wood used is repurposed or reclaimed. There is no animal too strange for the wire menagerie, from mounted moose and horses, to dinosaurs and unicorns. Custom work is available and the only limit to these creations is your creativity.
  • Brackish Bowties
    Brackish is comprised of a team of artisans in the heart of Charleston who handcraft all-natural, sustainably sourced feather bow ties and accessories.
    Inspired by the rare beauty of the south, the pieces they offer are nothing short of wearable works of art. Respectfully repurposing the beauty of nature continues to be the company's goal, while always striving to innovate. Brackish's avant-garde style juxtaposed with the regard for natural elements appeals to both outdoorsmen and fashion enthusiasts alike.
  • Coppersmith Pointe
    Robert Medders is a coastal Georgia native and local resident who combines the ancient art of Repujado and his love for fishing and the outdoors to produce unique images.
    These images can be used as frame art, back splashes, or included in custom copper range hoods and many other architectural elements. 
  • Henry Von Genk Fine Art
    Henry has been an accomplished artist for twenty-nine years.
    After a long and successful career executing murals including works for the Museum of Science and History as well as clients around the world, Henry is focusing on his life long destiny of fine art.
  • Landrum Tables
    Landrum Tables is owned and operated by native Charlestonian and master craftsman Capers Landrum Cauthen.
    Capers Cauthen has dedicated his life to re-purposing Charleston's history, a history that would otherwise rot in landfills. At Landrum Tables we handcraft every piece of furniture in Charleston, South Carolina using locally reclaimed wood. We aspire to create furniture with a heart, a soul and a memory by giving Charleston's History a second life.
  • Norton & Hodges
    Norton and Hodges is an approach to life. It’s a badge that some of us choose to wear.
    Those of us who wear it, listen to that undeniable voice inside that beckons us to live life in our own unique way, we feed that unquenchable desire for the next quest and we possess the courage to pursue our dreams.  Despite the protestations of those timid souls on the sideline, we walk confidently and boldly toward the next mountain, the next challenge or the next adventure.
  • Taxidermy
    Taxidermy is an upscale accessories line, boasting exotic skin handbags, shoes, jackets and accessories in statement-making bright, fashion-forward colors.
    Designed by Charleston, South Carolina-based designer Amy Driggers and brought to life through her partnership with a family-run factory and farm in Indonesia, the collection focuses on offering women and men timeless yet unique designs that stand out from the crowd. Founded in 2014, Taxidermy has already accrued an organic celebrity following of A-List stars and each season, Driggers continues to expand her line by adding new styles and colors.
  • Wes Schlosser
    Hailing from Ohio, Wes started young for his love of training and caring for hunting dogs.
    Many memories of his childhood have him and his beloved beagles running after rabbits. His love of the canine variety, lead to his move to the state of Michigan to acquire his certification for various dog training abilities such as: Protection, agility, scent detection, tracking and obedience. Wes later moved away from the snow to the lowcountry of Georgia, where he created his business, A Wesdog. Wes joined the Sea Island family in 2007,where he honed his skills and became a seasoned quail guide and hunting dog trainer. Wes later joined Sea Island with Broadfield Plantation, where he resides today. With 12+ years of dog training experience Wes is a vital member to the Broadfield team.
  • Ancesserie Letterpress
    Ancesserie Letterpress creates elegant and rustic stationery and invitations in Edgefield, South Carolina.
    Modern stationery and invitations are hand-crafted from the 19th newspaper plates used by our six-generation family newspaper, The Edgefield Advertiser. Our stationery and invitations are hand-crafted in the USA on the finest American paper stock.
  • C. Ford Riley
    C. Ford Riley’s paintings, rich in detail and dramatic in color, reflect a deeply personal relationship with nature.
    One of the premiere southern habitat painters of his generation, he is also an ardent sportsman and conservationist who rallies on behalf of Florida wildlife and habitat threatened by excessive development. Praised as the “Audubon of the 1980′s”, Ford’s paintings work because he paints what he knows.
  • Frederic Palay Sculpture
    Frederic Palay started sculpting Florida’s wildlife in 2005 after visiting New York's Museum of Natural History.
    Standing under the prehistoric mammal and fish skeletons hanging from the ceiling left an indelible impression on me - one of atemporality and eternalness. I felt that they were still animated as if by some barely perceptible movement. Like slices of life, massive calcified paint strokes kept beyond death by some subtle motion of their own. I dreamed of huge mobile installations showing sequences of matter and emptiness suggesting an eternal voyage around the world and under the sea. These reconstituted skeletons are our heritage, a testament to the infinite beauty of Earth’s wildlife. Their shapes convey the contradictory message of survival and finality: the essence of the life that surrounds and supports our own existence.
  • HookNHide
    HookNHide is a belt buckle-bottle opener designed in Charleston, South Carolina.
    We are committed to expressing the beauty of wildlife through artistic belt buckles for men and women. Every buckle is hand made of silver, gold, and brass and numbered numerically by lineage. Our leather straps are made from Horween Top Grain leather and can be worn in both formal or casual dress.
  • Mark Lexton
    Exposed to his family's rich heritage in the jewelry business, Lex Matthews inherited the passion, artistry and work ethic that defines all exceptional goldsmiths.
    Veins coursing with precious metals, the third-generation goldsmith began absorbing the tools of the trade at a tender age. A skilled watchmaker, his grandfather was the proprietor of a jewelry store in Lake City, South Carolina, laying the ground work for Lex's father to operate his own store in nearby Florence.  Cherishing his familial heritage, Lex continues to draw upon and refine the traditional techniques he acquired as a young boy.
  • Over Under
    A brand that is not only rooted deep in American tradition, but also prides itself upon the fact. We are a company dedicated to bringing you fine apparel and accessories with only American grown and manufactured products.
    From the goods sold, it is our hope to make a lasting impression on wetlands and at risk dogs through financial donations to nonprofit organizations such as Ducks Unlimited North America and Labrador Retriever Rescues across the nation. We took our appreciation for high quality, traditional clothing, our genuine love for man's best friend and our desire for "Preserving the Sporting Lifestyle," mixed the three ingredients together and the outcome was just too good to keep all to ourselves. A corporate job in a falling market, a true outdoorsman's spirit longing for the freedom from the daily grind, two amazing chocolate labs and last, but certainly not least, a loving and supportive wife were all major contributing factors to the birth of Over Under Clothing.
  • Tom Beckbe
    Tom Beckbe produces classic outdoor apparel and accessories.
    Built with rugged materials to withstand the elements, Tom Beckbe’s American-made products are designed to last a lifetime.
  • Williams Knife Company
    When someone first puts a Williams Knife in their hand, you know they are holding something special. It can be seen in their face and heard in their voice.
    It’s something so unique and beautiful that very few luxury products can replicate. It’s not just the unique blade designs or the special wooden handles on the Legacy knives. It’s knowing that these knives are something worthy of being cherished and handed down for generations.